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Terms of Use

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Prohibited conduct

Under no circumstances shall the AG SEO website be used to:

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Intellectual Property

The website in its entirety – logos (registered or unregistered), layout, text, graphics, images and software used – is owned by AG SEO, whose rights to the website are licensed and protected by Australian and global laws. No individual or group has the legal capacity to modify anything that constitutes part of the website without the written expressed consent of AG SEO. It can also be viewed only from a browser or be copied temporarily using the normal capabilities of the same.

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General information only

This website only provides general information on matters of interest and does not give advice nor impart specific details on issues at hand. We ensure that whatever is published here has been tested for accuracy, but your usage of such information is your full discretion and responsibility.

Third party links

Content on this website includes hyperlinks and other pointers to external websites which you can link to at your own risk. AG SEO does not, in any way, promote or endorse information and activities found on these third party links, and merely intends to make your surfing experience more convenient. As AG SEO does not control third party sites and their content, it cannot be held liable for whatever consequences linking to them may bring.


Your use of the website is an acknowledgment that you indemnify AG SEO from all claims, suits, damages, expenses or acts of negligence that may arise from such use.


AG SEO respects your Statutory Rights under Australian legislation, such as the Australian Trade Practices Act of 1974 (Cth), and similar international regulations. It, however, excludes all other conditions and warranties related to the provision of goods and services to you as consumer. Details of this exclusion are as follow:

1. We do not provide warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, for all materials found on the website.

2. We do not guarantee that your use of the website will be free of interruptions and errors, and that materials transmitted from our server to your computer will be free from viruses, worms and other digital contaminants.

3. We are not responsible for whatever losses, damages or expenses, directly or indirectly, that result from your access of or inability to access our website as permitted by law.

We are not responsible for the results of all actions or omissions to take actions on your part as regards your use of the website, given that we are not in control over the actions or omissions to take actions on the part of other Internet users.

Limitation of Liability

Our liability in case of breach of expressed or implied warranties is limited to the extent allowed by law and to the following:

Services – Re-provision of services and costs entailed

Goods – Repair and replacement of goods or equivalent, and costs entailed


Agreement to the AG SEO Terms of Use is equivalent to the acceptance of the AG SEO Privacy Policy.


AG SEO reserves the right to terminate the effectivity of the AG SEO Terms of Use without prior notice to users. However, all restrictions that apply to users and liability of limitations to the company remain.


We at AG SEO highly encourage user compliance to the website’s Terms of Use. Acceptance of all items listed in this document is an indemnification of the company as regards responsibility for any breach of listed terms resulting in losses, damages or costs committed by you.

We do not guarantee universal correctness or appropriateness of information obtained from the website. When the use of it is illegal in your country, access to the site is your full responsibility, depending on the existing laws in your jurisdiction.

AG SEO reserves other rights that may not be explicitly discussed in this document. If we find a breach committed by you that is not directly specified by any of the terms in this document, it will be acted upon based on related expressed terms.

Applicable Law

The provisions covered in the AG SEO Terms of Use are implemented in accordance with the laws of the State of New South Wales, Australia. All users are bound to submit to the Courts of the State and Courts of appeal in the settlement of disputes arising from the Terms of Use.

Contacting us

Questions or clarifications regarding the AG SEO Terms of Use may be addressed to info@www.greenseoperth.com.au.