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Why Do People Search Online?

agseo people search onlineIf you are an Internet marketer, you have to know how customers behave when they are online. More importantly, you have to identify why they are online. It is also necessary that you find answer to this question: What are the purposes behind the endless searches over the Internet? All the possible responses that you can gather can help you improve your website according to their preferences. This is to be able to attend to their needs, capture their interest and most especially, increase traffic.

The types of searches people make are generally divided into four: informational, comparative, direct and transactional.

Informational – The very purpose that people go online is to look for information. The queries are so huge in range but the Internet is able to give them what they necessitate – from local weather, directions, place to eat, where to go for vacation, house for sale to latest fashion trends. It being the number one reason why people are always connected, you should then guarantee that your website is rich in information or else, they will ignore you or leave your site after only five seconds.

Comparative – Users are wiser now. They do not believe what is said over the television, papers and even on the Internet. They search for ‘truth’ themselves. They try to compare products or services before making a decision which one to purchase. They weigh all the sets of information they have gathered carefully and identify which one can best provide their needs. They also read reviews, where individuals like them post comparisons and share their experiences to the item or service they bought. At this point, their focus is not to buy but to uncover the ‘truth’.

For this reason, it is very important that you do not only make your website, loaded with information. You should also make certain that you are giving them the truth. You have to guarantee the high quality of the products or services that you market. One lie is all it takes to lose customers. Either you give them what is affordable or you offer them a better deal. It will likewise help if you will include testimonials and reviews in your site.

Direct – In this type of search, users already know what they need. It is just that they are not sure about the website address of the products or services that they look for. If your company is the one that they search for, this means that you have succeeded in your marketing efforts because they are directly searching for you. So do not lose this ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ chance. Your site should carry the information that they expect to see. It should also be appealing to make a good impression. More importantly, your content must be persuasive enough to convince them to buy. You see, after all your SEO and marketing works, it is time for your website to do its essential task.

Transactional – They are ready to buy. Make sure that you have a call to action in the web page where they reach this decision. Do not give them the chance to leave the page and look for the navigation bar, where they will have to make a few clicks before they can find the shopping cart. Let them perform the transaction right away by including this anchor text at the end of your page content: Buy now. Okay, this is generic. Think of a new phrase that points to the same thing.

Knowing how and why users do their search is one of the best things that you can do as an Internet marketer. With this information, you will identify their needs and you will be able to build your website according to them. If you are able to satisfy them, you are sure to improve your traffic but also to increase your profit.

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